Web Support


WebsiteOS allows you to make administrative changes to your website, including changing any email Aliases that have been set up for you.

Your username is always your full domain name (include the .com, .net, or .org). The username will have been provided to you by John or Tim. Just email us if you forget your password.

General Help

If you are working with John Papa, please contact him at john@pedesigns.com or leave a message at 630.267-6021.

If you are working with Tim Elliott, please contact him at tim@pedesigns.com or leave a message at 630.631.9422.

New! You can also reach our 24-hour support services via the following means:

DNS Information

How to set your existing domain name to point to your PED web account

Most registrars give you a username and password so you can go to their site, login and make the necessary DNS modifications. You'll need to enter in our nameserver information as follows:

  • Primary Hostname: ns1.meganameservers.com
  • Secondary Hostname: ns2.meganameservers.com
  • Secondary Hostname: ns3.meganameservers.com

If you feel uncomfortable changing these settings, you may email the DNS department at dnsadmin@bluegenesis.com, or phone them at 800.266.4881, and provide them with the necessary information (domain name, registrar, username and password), and they'll be able to complete the transfer for you.