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Introductory Pricing

Thank you for your interest in this product! As a special thank-you to all new customers, we are offering introductory pricing. 50% off pricing extended for the next 10 new subscribers! Introductory pricing is good for each year you renew.


  Part Number Campus Population Subscription Introductory Price
Tier 1 AVS-1 Up to 500 students $299/yr $150/yr
Tier 2 AVS-2 Up to 1500 students $399/yr $200/yr
Tier 3 AVS-3 Up to 2500 students $499/yr $250/yr
Tier 4 AVS-4 Up to 3500 students $599/yr $300/yr
Over 3500 students? Call!

Pricing is per campus. See multiple-campus discount below. Introductory Price cannot be combined with Multiple-Campus discounts.

Multiple-Campus Discounts

If other buildings in your school district or organization adopt Facility Scheduler, you can see significant savings, especially in larger districts!

2 Buildings 10% Discount
3 Buildings 15% Discount
4 Buildings 20% Discount
5 Buildings 25% Discount
6 Buildings 30% Discount
7 Buildings 35% Discount
8 Buildings 40% Discount
Over 8 Call!

Purchase Orders

Send Purchase Orders to:

AV Scheduler
Professional Education Designs, Inc.
255 East Country Drive
Bartlett, IL 60103

Sample purchase order entry:

Part Number: AVS-3
Description: AV Scheduler Subscription from 8/1/08 thru 7/31/07
Price: $250
Qty: 1